Let’s talk about what we can actually do

We need to get rid of the chains of partisanship. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we must abandon partisan ties; we can and should still affiliate with a party but we need the ability to move to the opposition when it’s more supportive of our causes. A good general model would be the old Grange movement but many other groups existed in the first half of the 20th Century that we can relate to as well.

We need to accumulate active supporters of freedom if we’re ever going to stop the flow toward fascism that the right is pushing hard to morph us into. To do that we need a few objectives (I’m thinking around seven or eight – don’t know if they should be independent of each other or grouped together) that will invigorate people as well as encourage participation in the political process. What they can’t be are issues that will divide people into warring camps of about the same size. They need to be issues that can be supported by large majorities of people. My favorite issues are immigration and abortion but neither will work because we’re just too divided. On the other hand, ask anybody if a prosecutor should be jailed for intentionally framing somebody and sending them to prison for years and years knowing that they’re innocent and we all know that people will say “YES.” All three of my suggestions generally fit this scenario and if enacted would advance justice and morality in a scale much broader than just the issue at hand.

I’m thinking that the goal is to individually promote these objectives by confronting all politicians and influence wielding persons, determining their position on these objectives; getting their promise to support. Will they support our cause(s) or better yet, will they work to enact legislation promoting them. They will rank higher if they will work to enact; lower if they will simply support and will be considered an antagonist of freedom if they oppose the objectives. If they oppose us, we do all we can to inform voters of their stand in opposition to the democratic majority.

Below are three causes that I personally believe can make a difference and also can probably represent an opinion held by a significant majority of voters. If these were enacted we would have fewer people imprisoned and have to pay far less in taxes to support police, prosecutors and jailers while at the same time increasing the number of voters likely to vote on rational social issues. Individual freedom is imperative if we are to have a just society that preserves our freedom and productive economy that provides a better standard of living for everybody.

Voting Rights for Convicts that have served their time.

Jury nullification

Personal Responsibility for wrong doing by cops and prosecutors. No public liability for breaking the law or infringing on individual citizen rights.

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